Marquess Tax, SDLT, Stamp Duty Land Tax


Marquess Tax, Residential Purchases

Residential Purchases

There are various reliefs that can drastically reduce the amount of tax payable on residential property transactions.

If you would like to discuss whether your property transaction may benefit from a relief claim please contact us.

Transfers to a Limited Company

Where a property is transferred to a Limited Company as part of a restructure of ownership there are various tax implications to consider.

We specialise in advising on these types of transactions and in many instances are able to reduce the tax burden to nil.

Marquess Tax, Transfers to a Limited Company
Marquess Tax, Developers and Land Owners

Developers & Land Owners

Where you are purchasing land for development or an existing building to redevelop, there are instances where tax savings can be achieved.

This is a complex area and case law is constantly changing when a relief may be applicable.

3% Surcharge

A substantial proportion of residential property purchasers require advice as to whether the surcharge applies.

There are some scenarios where the 3% surcharge would normally be payable on the purchase of a new main residences, but in certain circumstances might not apply.

Marquess Tax, 3% surcharge
Marquess Tax, Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate of someone who has died. 

We can review the potential Inheritance Tax   exposure on your estate and then provide tailor made solutions, which are within HMRC guidelines and tax law.

Stamp Duty Land Tax 'SDLT' Reclaims

It is possible to reclaim overpaid tax on historic land or property transaction, where either a tax relief has been missed, the property has been misclassified, or the tax return has been completed incorrectly.

Please contact us to discuss whether you should have paid less tax and whether it can now be reclaimed.

Marquess Tax, SDLT Reclaims